Getting into bed with... Wellness Expert, Jess Blair

This month we’re getting into bed with nutritionist and naturopath Jess Blair. Jess is a busy mum to 2 boys, a uni student studying a Masters in Public Health, and the founder at Wellness by Blair (told you she was busy!) Jess has a wealth of knowledge on sleep hygiene. We chat to Jess about her own wellness routine, and how important prioritising sleep is for her!

What's the first thing you do to unwind once you've got the kids to bed?

If I don't end up falling asleep at the same time, I usually read. I try read most nights, but to be honest sometimes (more often than not!) I fall asleep when I am putting the kids to bed!

Do you do anything during the day to help you set up for a good night's sleep?

Yes, your routine during the day sets you up for the your night time routine, it's really important to keep this similar each day. Including your wake up time, getting good amount of sunlight, limiting caffeine intake after 11am, winding down at night time including staying off screens, implementing a nice night time routine, if that includes cup of tea, reading, or listening to a podcast!

We should be waking up and going to sleep more or less the same time every day. Before 10pm is optimal to go to bed, otherwise it is harder to get to sleep. I am more of a 8.30-9pm go to sleeper-  if I don't fall asleep with the kids that is! 

What's your favourite piece to sleep in? 

OOO this is a hard one, in Summer I LOVED the Isabelle set (the singlet and the pants) but now I am loving the Boyfriend Shirt in Winter Floral, its so comfortable. I am so in love with the by Natalie sleepwear, I honestly couldn't sleep in anything else (hence why I have FOUR pieces I rotate). Natalie has really done such an amazing job and I think they are just fantastic presents too!

Sleep is paramount to our wellness, so wearing something comfortable is so important!

Is there anything you try to avoid at night, knowing it will likely disrupt your sleep?

Yes and it's the same advice to my clients, followers alike. Avoid screens, including Instagram scrolling, internet scrolling or watching TV in bed. Your bedroom should be a sacred space! Making sure you get the morning light to set your day up and limit any ' fake' light at night so start to wind down after a long day with a nice routine.

A nice warm bath will help you sleep, a cup of sleepy tea and a good book! I don't watch TV at night time (I hardly watch TV to be honest!)  

Your routine during the day will set you up for night. If I had a particularly stressful day, I will take a magnesium supplement that will help put me to sleep as well, I understand it's difficult for people to switch off!

What pillow do you sleep on?

Again so important to have a great pillow for a good nights sleep, I have the by Natalie Cooling Memory Foam one, the kids use the Growbright Junior Pillow and they also take them everywhere we go!

Why do you think it's important to prioritise sleep?

I think it's so important to prioritise your sleep! We put sleep last on the agenda, it's the first thing we skimp on in times of stress, we seem to cut out what we need to function and wonder why we are getting run down, or have memory lapses.  

There is no way I could get through my day with the boys, uni and work if I didn't put such an emphasis on good sleep hygiene! 

You don't need to change it all at once- just little by little!



You can find Jess on Insagram here, or her website here.

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