About Us

Harmoniously unifying my expertise in the sleep industry, and my love for fashion has always been a lifelong dream of mine and natural progression.

Over the last few years, I’ve been juggling motherhood, my growing business ventures and gradually laying the foundation to cohesively merge two industries that are similar by nature, but often separated. 

by Natalie prioritises the calm moments in life. The moments in-between all the chaos, the evening quiet, the afternoon nap, the weekend spent relaxing. We home products that bring you optimum comfort during your quiet moments, have lifelong durability and make you feel at peace within yourself. 

Our sleepwear line is a reflection of what I wanted to see within the industry. I saw a gap for pieces that made women feel sultry and attractive, while still comfortable, and not too revealing for those unexpected moments when they don’t have the time to get dressed.

by Natalie sleepwear is timeless, elegant by nature and carefully created to help you unwind without feeling undone. We want to bring the elegance back into the bedroom, the excitement back into sleepwear, to offer pieces that women can have the best rest in.

Our sleepwear designs accentuate the body’s natural features. We’ve used light-weight, durable fabrics that are a dream to sleep in while also being environmentally conscious. Our hero material is Tencel, luxurious, silky soft and a dream to sleep in or wear out and about.

After spending over eight years of my life designing pillows that have reinvented what it means to have a good night’s sleep, I know what our heads deserve to rest on.

We spend an inordinate amount of our lives sleeping. Sleeping is an act of self-love, a good night’s sleep helps us reset, relax and start the next day off on the best note possible. 

Our pillow range accommodates every type of sleeper. Our range is well-thought-out to ensure we have a pillow that suits everyone’s specific needs.

A good night’s sleep starts from the head down. Our pillow range is advanced, created with responsibly sourced materials, luxury by nature and exceptionally comfortable. 

by Natalie is a dream of mine that has come to life. I hope you love it as much as we do.

by Natalie, for you.

Natalie x

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