Materials Used

Materials Used


For our sleepwear collection, we wanted to utilise light-weight, durable fabrics that were a dream to sleep in while also being environmentally conscious. Tencel is our hero fabric, luxurious, silky soft and a dream to sleep in or wear out and about.


Tencel fabric is soft and naturally moisture-wicking for optimum cooling and comfort. Tencel fabric is sustainably produced using wood cellulose from eucalyptus trees. The forestry is responsibly managed, ensuring full traceability and environmental protection. Tencel fibres are also FSC and PEFC certified and 100% traceable back to the source. During Tencel manufacturing, 99.5% of all water and chemicals used are recycled and not released into our environment. We blended Tencel with viscose to create a light-weight fabric with a luxurious drape and soft feel. Our sleepwear is designed and made in New Zealand.


ECOVERO™ is sustainably sourced viscose fibre. EcoVero is derived from sustainable wood pulp extracts. EcoVero is breathable, soft on the skin and is biodegradable at its end of life terminus. EcoVero fibres are FSC and PEFC certified, as well as being 100% traceable back to the source. EcoVero manufacturing processes use 50% less water/chemicals than traditional viscose materials – resulting in 50% less emission produced. We blended EcoVero with viscose to create a light-weight fabric with a luxurious drape and soft feel. Our sleepwear is designed and made in New Zealand.



After several years at the forefront of the sleep industry, Natalie has innovated pillow moulds and structures that have redefined what a good night’s sleep truly equates to. Combining Natalie’s keen eye for technological advancements and devotion to staying locally made where possible, we’ve been able to identify a suite of materials that resonate with our brand. 

Memory Foam 

by Natalie’s exclusive blend of memory foam (viscoelastic) has been developed over eight years. Our memory foam formula has been designed specifically for unparalleled structure and comfort. Our memory foam moulds have advanced properties that enable them to contour with the shape of your head but are elastic enough to mould back into shape when you get up quickly. Our memory foam is dense, durable and crafted to relieve pressure points by evenly distributing the body’s weight. Each memory foam pillow is individually constructed here in New Zealand, and our innovative memory foam design is exclusive to by Natalie. 

Gel-infused Memory Foam 

Typical sleep irritancy is because of temperature management, or the lack of it. Many sleepers struggle with temperature management which consequently negatively impacts their sleep regularity. Gel-infused memory foam has all the beneficial properties of regular memory foam. However, it also incorporates advanced gel-infused microbeads that absorb the body’s natural heat and repel it away. The gel-infused microbeads are evenly distributed throughout the pillow for optimum cooling and sculpting. Our gel-infused memory foam pillow is individually constructed here in New Zealand and exclusive to by Natalie.

Hypoallergenic Fibre 

Hypoallergenic fibre is an economical alternative to down pillows. We use regenerated polyester balls to create hypoallergenic fibres that are responsibly sourced. The material is light-weight and moldable for exceptional comfort. Our hypoallergenic fibre moulds are made in New Zealand and exclusive to by Natalie.


Microfibre is a great economical alternative to down feathers. Due to its hypoallergenic synthetic properties, microfibre is suitable for all sleepers. Microfibre is luxuriously soft and fluffy without ever losing its designed shape. Our microfibre blend is made in China.

Goose Down 

We sustainability source the most premium goose down feathers on the market for optimum comfort. Down feathers are fluffy, high-quality and have more durability compared to duck alternatives. Our goose down material is made in China. 


Our innovative Tencel/cotton blend is produced using environmentally responsible processes. Tencel fibres are soft and naturally moisture-wicking for optimum breathability, cooling and comfort – an excellent option for people who suffer from temperature management issues during their sleep. Tencel is produced using extracts from eucalyptus trees and is gentle on the skin, for unparalleled long-lasting comfort. Our Tencel is perfectly paired with cotton to create an odour free, safe-to-use, durable product for everyone.


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