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If you haven’t already caught on, we LOVE Tencel. If you follow us on Instagram, you will have seen us rave on about Tencel and all it’s amazing properties, but you may still be wondering what Tencel actually is! While we love Tencel, it is not hugely common, so we're here to clue you up. Tencel is an exquisite fabric, silky soft and an absolute dream to sleep, lounge or head out and about in.

What is Tencel?
Tencel is a sustainable regenerated fabric made from a cellulose fibre that is derived from wood pulp. Tencel is manufactured using an environmentally responsible production process where the process water is recycled and the solvent for treatment is reused. The final product is compostable and biodegradable, so can fully revert back to nature at the end of its life.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, Tencel also has a number of benefits that are great for sleep.

Soft as silk 
Tencel is often referred to as ‘soft as silk’. The smooth fibre is so soft it helps prevent irritation to the skin. Tencel also feels exquisite on the skin.

Moisture-wicking/ temperature regulating
Tencel has moisture wicking properties, without wetting the fibre surface, keeping you cool and dry, while also avoiding overheating, perfect for wearing to bed or out and about even in the summer months.

Quick Dry
Tencel dries extremely quickly, much faster than traditional cotton - perfect for transitioning from bed, to day and into the night. The quick dry properties of Tencel make it the ideal piece to take away on holiday with you as you can wash and wear again!

Machine washable
Tencel can go in the washing machine at a low temperature, and we have even designed them a little bit larger so if you want to, you can throw them in the dryer and not have to worry about shrinkage!

Wrinkle resistant
Tencel is a naturally wrinkle resistant fibre, which is another reason why it's perfect to travel in and take away on holiday as you don't need to track down an iron before heading out for the day or night.

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