How to pack for summer travels

How to pack for summer travels

It’s that time of year again! Packing for trips can be tricky, especially when you feel you want to take your entire wardrobe along. Here are some quick and easy tips that will help you stay organised and pack light no matter where the road takes you this summer!

Clean out your handbag

It can be tempting to carry your world around in your handbag, but do you really need receipts from last year? Firstly, narrow down the essentials to things like keys, wallet, phone, mask, lip balm, hand sanitiser, sunglasses and any medication you may need. Re-assess any items that you won't need for your trip - they can safely stay home.

Pack for your destination

We know the "need" to take your whole wardrobe with you, but it's best to only take the essentials, especially if you're flying and limited on luggage. Map out your outfits in advance so you're less likely to overpack. 

Take multi-purpose pieces

Picking items that serve multiple purposes is a smart packing hack. Look for items that can be worn across a number of occasions. The Bed to Beach dress is a perfect example, a dress for bed, a cover-up for the beach and an outfit for wearing out to the shops, cafes or markets. The Sleepwalker Dress is also ideal, great for sleeping in, or pop on at night in lieu of a jumper and pants. The Daydreamer shirt and Daydreamer shorts are a great combo to pack, they can be worn together to bed, as a cute casual outfit, or separate the pieces; pop on the shirt or shorts over your bathing suit as a cover-up, pair the shorts with a t-shirt for some backyard or beach games, or tie the shirt over your favourite dress if evening is getting a bit cooler. 

Narrow down your shoe selection

This one hurts us to say, as you can never have too many shoes - except on holiday! Shoes add bulk which isn't ideal when you're trying to downsize your suitcase. Select shoes based on versatility, if your plans are to spend summer at the beach, jandals, sandals or slides are your go to. If you're planning on being a bit more active, take one pair of shoes that you can walk or hike in and one pair of flats for wearing out and about.

Only take your favourite toiletries

We celebrate skincare, so recommend taking your go-to face products to keep your skin glowing throughout summer. As with clothing items, look for beauty products that can be used multiple times in your makeup routine such as a blush that can also be used as a lip stain, bronzer you can also pop on your eyelids, a spoolie to fluff up your lashes and brows.

Don't forget! 

Self care is at it's peak over the summer period, so don't forget sun safe essentials such as sunscreen, hat, sunglasses and a drink bottle. Catch up on holiday reading with a good book, or load a few to your device to save on space.

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