Interview with the founder of by Natalie, Natalie Norman.

By Liam Sharma

What is by Natalie?

By Natalie is me. It’s what I wanted to see within the sleep industry. I saw a niche gap to merge two industries that are similar by nature but often separated. By Natalie is harmoniously combining sleep products with sleepwear. We’re a digitally native business, and we’re currently focussing our sleepwear range for women, our pillows are for everyone.

By Natalie is a self-care destination. Our products are luxurious, made to stand the test of time and are an investment in yourself.


Where did by Natalie originate from?

I have spent my entire career working within the sleep industry. Pillow structures I created eight years ago are still being sold on the market today. I’ve devoted my profession to rest and understanding what it truly means to have a good night’s sleep.

Quite often, I’ll receive messages from people asking for tips about how to get the best sleep possible or they’re looking for advice on issues they’re having with their rest. I’ve naturally progressed into a sleep connoisseur.

I’ve also dreamt about having my sleepwear line for as long as I can remember. By Natalie is how I’ve merged my expertise with my dream. I know what women want in their sleepwear because I want the same thing, for me, it’s all about bringing the elegance back into the bedroom. I saw an opportunity, and here we are many years and late nights later…


What is your background in the sleep industry?

My family is the largest mattress manufacturers in Australasia. I spent my childhood growing up around factories. I loved being there. I started working in the sewing line when I was just 14; it was such a fun hobby that came naturally to me.

I have spent the bulk of my sleep career focusing on pillows, quilts and other sleep supportive products for both adults and children. I also have Growbright, which is a child-focused sleep business; we provide safe sleeping products for babies and young children.

By Natalie is a natural progression for me, entering the sleepwear industry makes sense to me.


How is by Natalie different to other labels?

My wealth of knowledge and expertise in the sleep industry has enabled us to offer a range of products that are genuinely at the forefront of the sleep industry. Our Pillow Topper is a first of its kind, where you can choose any support and add on your bit of luxury. The silhouettes we’ve used for our sleepwear range are cleverly created for nightwear but also for loungewear. The pieces are elegant enough to wear outside of the home in comfort.


What makes by Natalie's pillow range so advanced?

Every aspect of our pillow range is carefully considered. Our ethos was to offer a range for all sleepers, we all sleep differently, and our pillow requirements are bespoke. Our range’s width and customisation capabilities reflect this. We also wanted to be environmentally conscious; the fibres in our pillows are created from old plastic bottles that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Where possible, the foam we use all comes from offcuts that would otherwise be discarded. I'm also pretty proud of the fact that the pillows are all made in New Zealand.


What is inspired your sleepwear collection?

By Natalie sleepwear is what I wanted to see in the market. Being a mother of two in my thirties, I was finding myself in plaid knit PJs or little night dresses. I either felt unsexy or self-conscious (sometimes both!), especially if someone outside of my immediate family was around.

I saw a need for a sleepwear line that made women feel sultry and attractive, while still feeling comfortable, and not too revealing for those unexpected moments when they don’t have the time to get dressed.


Why is there such a focus on Tencel in your sleepwear line?

Tencel is an innovative, sustainable fibre that can be traced back to its source – this was really important to me. Tencel is also incredibly effective in the sleep space. It’s luxurious, and it’s as soft as silk and temperature regulating. Tencel is all I sleep in!


What are your favourite pieces from the sleepwear collection?

Such a hard question! I initially designed the Isabella Slip Dress for myself, haha. I love the Slip’s fabric, it feels sexy and elegant. However, now that I have the products, I can’t seem to stop wearing the Amelia Button Up Night Shirt. The Button Up Night Shirt is so soft and comfortable. The sleeves also keep me that much warmer at night.


What are some tips for aspiring entrepreneurs that are wanting to start their own brand?

Honestly, just put one foot in front of the other. There will be daunting moments, moments that are overwhelming, and there will be times when you just want to give it all up. Don’t! You will get through those moments, and it will all be worth it in the end. If you need help, ask someone. I love speaking with aspiring entrepreneurs, I am always here for anyone. 


When you're not working on your businesses or podcast, what are you likely doing?

I’ll likely be with my children. I love spending time with my good girlfriends, and I try to prioritise my friendships as it’s so easy to get caught up in your career and let those special connections slip away. Also, my girlfriends make me laugh so much. I try and sneak off to the golf course with my husband, not that I particularly love the game, but I enjoy spending the time with him.


What is next for by Natalie?

More seasonal by Natalie ranges. We also have a really exciting project in the pipeline! Another sensual sleep experience. That’s all I am saying right now. I guess you’ll just have to stay tuned!


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