Getting into Bed with... by Natalie founder, Natalie Norman

Introducing our new monthly feature! Each month we’ll ‘get into bed’ with someone new to find out their tips and tricks for maintaining a balanced life, and how they invest in rest.

This month we’re getting into bed with Natalie Norman, founder of by Natalie. Natalie has spent 10+ years in the sleep and bedding industry so has a wealth of knowledge in this area. Nicknamed the ‘Pillow Queen’, Natalie has devoted her entire profession to rest and understanding what it truly means to have a good night’s sleep. 

What's the first thing you do to unwind once you've got the kids to bed?

Have a shower and slip into my Amelia Lounge Shirt (after I have cleaned up as find it hard to relax until the kitchen is clean!) I love the way the lounge shirt feels as I walk around in it so I find it very soothing.

Do you do anything during the day to help you set up for a good night's sleep?

I try to exercise most days and limit my coffee; I'll only have two a day, one shot only and never after midday. Most nights I aim to do some bedtime stretches, I really find this helps me process and deal with anything that could have me over thinking while I'm drifting off.

What's your favourite piece to sleep in? What are some important things to consider when choosing your sleepwear?

Now that it’s starting to get cooler I love the Drop Shoulder Pajama Top as it’s not restricting but keeps me at a good temperature. The Shorts are extremely comfortable with their soft waistband. 

When choosing sleepwear I would always go for something temperature regulating, breathable, soft and comfortable. I love something that feels beautiful and makes me feel attractive.

Is there anything you try to avoid at night, knowing it will likely disrupt your sleep?

Not particularly, I know they say you should avoid TV before bed but I love to watch an episode of something to wind down at the end of the day. If I do have trouble switching off after this I’ll read a few pages of my book and spray a good lavender spray and then I’m out!

I don’t drink much alcohol in the weeks but if I do over indulge I know I won’t be as I should in the morning. Electrolytes before bed seem to help.

What pillow do you sleep on?

I am a mixed sleeper; I change between my side and my tummy but get a sore neck on my tummy, so work hard to stay on my side. For this I use the Memory Foam Pillow with the Goose Down Topper. I suffer bad neck pain due to an old injury and I find sleeping on my side with the best memory foam really helps. Its bounce back properties are amazing and there is no need to fluff it up. Having your body aligned is extremely important.

Any other tips for getting a good night's sleep?

A dark room around 18 degrees and temperature regulating bedding, such as Tencel!


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