by Natalie Pillow Q&As - with Natalie

by Natalie Pillow Q&As - with Natalie

I sleep in all positions; how do I know what pillow is best for me?

The beauty of the by Natalie pillow range is that you can design your own pillow and personalise the pillow for you. I would suggest you think about what position you fall asleep in, so if you fall asleep on your side, find a pillow that suits a side sleeper to make sure you have the most suitable pillow for how you fall asleep (e.g. high profile for side sleeper).

I sleep on my side and my tummy. What pillow is best?

Side and tummy sleepers need quite different pillows, a side sleeper should have a high profile and tummy sleepers need a low profile, or almost nothing. So I would suggest finding a pillow that suits your side if that’s where you’re sleeping the most. When I’m sleeping on my side I make sure I have a high profile pillow, I use the memory foam pillow with the goose down topper and then when I roll onto my tummy I either move the pillow way and sleep right on the mattress or I have the pillow, almost under my chest so my head goes over it. It’s really important to make sure your head isn’t extended too far at the back.

Where are your pillows made?

The pillows are all made in Avondale in Auckland. The toppers are imported from China.

What pillows should I buy for my family?

If your family are all fully grown, I would jump online and do the questionnaire to figure out which pillow is best depending on their sleep needs. If your kids are still growing, there’s a few other things to consider. Making sure the pillow isn’t too high, even if they are side sleepers, they might need a lower pillow than adults would have so their spine is still aligned (you don’t want their necks to hyper extend). I would suggest either the eco down pillow (especially if they have issues with asthma or allergies) or the cooling memory foam pillow, as you can remove the filling in both these pillows to adjust the height to suit. If they are younger (approx. 2-8 years) I would suggest the Growbright junior pillow, which are also breathable and washable.

Is the eco pillow good?

Yes, this is a very popular pillow. It’s made from a recycled ball fibre so it’s extremely washable and also fluffs up really nicely, so if someone wants a soft and squishy pillow it’s the perfect pillow for you. It’s also great option for dressing the bed, they look great as the two extra spare pillows and are really comfy as the pillow you use to prop yourself up in bed too.

Do you have to use a topper with your pillows?

No, you don’t have to! They are all made so you can personalise it for you. So if you want one of the base pillows on its own there’s absolutely no problem with that. Just make sure you are sleeping on the right height profile for your sleep position.

Apart from being natural, why would I spend more on the goose down topper?

The other benefit to the goose down topper is the washablility, it’s really easy to wash in the machine and it’s easy to dry!

What pillow do you sleep on?

I sleep on the memory foam pillow with the goose down topper and absolutely love it. I get a sore neck if I don’t have the correct pillow, I find the memory foam pillow really conforms to my neck and keeps me in the correct position all night.

Do you still get the cooling effect from the cooling memory foam pillow if you are using a topper?

Yes, it’s still beneficial because the gel particles till stop heat being built up in the pillow, keeping the whole area cooler.

Is the goose down ethically sourced?

Yes, our goose down toppers meet the responsible down standard which is an independent voluntary global standard test, making sure all the animals have been treated humanely.

I’m a back sleeper, which pillow do you suggest for me?

I would recommend the memory foam pillow without a topper, you don’t want your head to be extended to far forward (be too high) when you’re sleeping on your back.

I’m a tummy sleeper, what pillow do you recommend I use?

I would either recommend the eco down alternative pillow or the cooling memory foam pillow, and take a lot of the fill out so it’s a very low profile pillow

I currently use a goose down pillow but I sink to the bottom and get a sore neck.

This is a common problem with goose down pillows. If you like the feel of a goose down pillow but find you are sinking through, I would recommend you use a memory foam pillow as your base pillow which will support your neck all night, and then use a goose down topper which will add that layer of luxury.


If you have any other questions about our pillow range, email us at or jump on live chat!

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